When You Look Into the Glittery Abyss …

... you know, on second thought, Xana-don'tI’m sitting in the departure lounge at LAX, waiting on my flight home, and since I haven’t caught up to last night’s “Lost” yet — the long-awaited Richard Alpert episode, no less — I’m doing my best to avoid the internet. So don’t tell me anything. Just don’t.

Instead, take a look at the AV Club’s latest installment of “I Watched This on Purpose”, in which the valiant, foolhardy Scott Tobias spins up Lawrence Gordon and Robert Greenwald’s legendary exercise in disco madness, “Xanadu” … and pays a terrible price.

Mike, this one’s for you.

One thought on “When You Look Into the Glittery Abyss …”

  1. Thanks. Tag me with _this_ one. But I’ll confess to a grim fascination in watching the cocaine leeching out of the cast in some scenes. They were soul-sucking and undead twinklers decades before the Twilight phenomena.

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