Soul Searchers

Et maintenant, I’m back from Los Angeles, and happy to be home — no slight intended to California, but I’m just more comfortable with variable seasons. (And it looks like there’s going to be plenty of variation in the next few days.)

Anyway, the latest issue of NOW features my interviews with Noah Baumbach, writer-director of “Greenberg”, and Jonathan Demme, director of all manner of features and documentaries, most recently the concert picture “Neil Young Trunk Show”, which is what put us in the same room at TIFF last year. I’ve also tackled Cinefranco, the French-language film festival returning to town this week.

Sure, L.A. has the Cinerama dome, but do they use it to showcase obscure Franco-Belgian biopics about the singing nun who made “Dominique” a worldwide hit? Non, they do not.

2 thoughts on “Soul Searchers”

  1. I speak from experience when I say I have heard that damn song enough in my lifetime to develop a homicidal passion for the woman who came up with it.

    Welcome back, Norm!


  2. Great. Mention nun + French song called “Dominique” and now that vile tune is spiraling inside my head like a cranial tapeworm. Why would anyone want to make a film on the singer, knowing full well they HAVE to use that song?

    The world is filled with terrible evils, and up there, nestled in those phony celestial, eerily peroxide nuages is “Dominique.”


    – MRH

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