The Other Mr. Fantastic

Slightly less mysterious without their bandit hatsI’m still in Los Angeles, but my latest MSN DVD column is up, celebrating Wes Anderson’s “Fantastic Mr. Fox”.

If you’re still looking for reasons to make the jump to Blu-ray, this is an excellent one; as with “Coraline”, the higher resolution delivers an image you can almost touch. The textures of fabrics, the glint in the characters’ eyes, the way the “wind” ruffles Mrs. Fox’ fur when she stands in a field — stop-motion enthusiasts will be step-framing their way through this for weeks.

And everyone else can just bliss out on a wonderful movie. Win-win, right?

2 thoughts on “The Other Mr. Fantastic”

  1. Hands up everyone who wants Soderbergh and Anderson to collaborate on a stop-motion Ocean’s 14 after reading that.

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