Legends Never Truly Pass

You really need to see the whole thingBea Arthur has died. A fixture of the stage and screen, yes. A formidable talk-show presence, certainly. Also, kind of a low-talker.

But as Adam Mathew (see comments below) pointed out last night, her true value may lie in her ability to inspire art — or, more specifically, the art of Brandon Bird.

Click the image above. It’s how I’ll always remember her.

5 thoughts on “Legends Never Truly Pass”

  1. Mathew,

    My sincere apologies — I really should have taken notes. This is what happens when I follow Great Lakes with Creemore, apparently.

    You’re still not getting me to start Twittering, though.

  2. Her involvement in the Redford/Spielberg project ‘The Velosiraptor Whisperer’ was limited, but did produce some striking pre-production art.

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