You and Me Against the World

The Alternate Reality Oxford Dictionary defines 'wistful' as ...Ah, there’s my new MSN DVD column, making the most of the common theme between “Let Me In” and “Never Let Me Go”, both of which seem like perfect titles to usher in February — even if that whole Snowpocalypse thing turned out to be a bit of a fizzle.

Since most of you missed them theatrically, why not curl up with one or both of them tonight? Oh, unless you were planning to go see that special screening and panel of “Splice” at the Royal tonight at 6:30pm. You can totally do that instead.

3 thoughts on “You and Me Against the World”

  1. It really bothered me about Never Let Me Go that Romanek opens the movie with a text scroll that gives away the whole story right up front. The mystery of who the children are and what they’re being groomed for was a prominent aspect of the book, not revealed until at least halfway through.

    I think I understand his rationale for making this change (the movie was basically unmarketable without the sci-fi “hook”), but I had a really hard time separating my feelings for the movie as an adaptation from my feelings for it as a movie that stands on its own. I should probably give it another chance sometime, but my first impression was rather profound disappointment.

  2. It’s funny … I can totally see where that would throw you out of the mystery, but having that particular plot point explained at the very beginning had the opposite effect on me. It makes the SF elements almost superfluous, and it let me concentrate on the emotional narrative rather than getting distracted by the mystery element — which, in the end, is fairly negligible anyway.

    Take another look. It’s a really great little movie.

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