A Quiet Little Thursday

Mr. Lantos requests you decline that GenieThere’s not much going on today, other than a few hangovers from yesterday’s Genie nominations and various weatherfolk making excuses for The Snowstorm That Failed to Eat Toronto. (Seriously, “dry snow“? Just admit you blew the damn thing out of proportion in the first place.)

Oh, but there are a couple of worthy things starting up at the Lightbox: An Ousmane Sembene retrospective that brings the work of the noted African filmmaker to Toronto just in time for Black History Month, and the limited run of “The Robber“, an tersely efficient crime drama from Austria. If “Revanche” was the James M. Cain picture, this one’s the Jim Thompson, with a flinty performance from Andreas Lust as the complicated lead.

Also opening today: A Chinese-language remake of “What Women Want” starring Andy Lau and Gong Li. Yes, they’re remaking Nancy Ephron movies in China now. The world is doomed.