Scott Pilgrim vs. the Opening Credit Sequence

We are Sex Bob-Omb! ONETWOTHREEFOURBecause my MSN DVD column hasn’t gone up yet, and because I’m still having Twitter debates about what Edgar Wright accomplished with “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” — oh, and because I’ve just listened to Edgar’s latest appearance on the new episode of “Doug Loves Movies“, where I’m pretty sure he can be heard squirming in his seat as someone else fails to identify “That Darn Cat!” during the Leonard Maltin game — I figured I’d pull this out of my back pocket and offer it to you all.

It’s a thorough breakdown of the movie’s invigorating title sequence, courtesy of The Art of the Title, a website you probably should be reading if you have any interest in cinema. Because, like “Scott Pilgrim vs, the World”, it is a great big bucket of awesome sauce just waiting for you to dive in.

“Doug Loves Movies” is pretty great, too.