Yes, I Still Like “Watchmen”

Which is more objectionable -- New York in ruins, or a big blue winky?My latest Sympatico/MSN DVD column is up, making a case for “Watchmen” and “Coraline” as screen adaptations that do justice to their source material in very different ways — one through absolute replication, and the other by bending the text to suit its needs, and coming up with something that feels just as true to the printed page as the other one.

We can argue about the “Watchmen” ending again, if you think it’s necessary. But I miss the squid.

4 thoughts on “Yes, I Still Like “Watchmen””

  1. Pontypool’s release gives me an excuse to ask about another zombie movie…any Toronto release info about Norwegian zombie movie Dead Snow? It’s at the Fantasia film festival in Montreal, but isn’t listed for Toronto After Dark. It sounds like enormous bloody fun and I’m hoping Norwegian filmmakers get zombies as right as they got vampires in Let the Right One In, although if one applies World War Z logic, the Nazi zombies should freeze in the snow.

  2. It was playing in New York when I was there earlier this month, but as far as I know it hasn’t landed a Canadian distributor. It’ll probably show up at the After Dark festival here in October.

    And maybe it’s not quite cold for WWZ rules up in those mountains? Or maybe they’re ice zombies? Or maybe they’re not zombies at all, but experimental Nazi half-men?

    … nah, they’re zombies. But I’m sure the movie has an explanation.

  3. Crap! No one tells me anything! (Although that does explain why I’ve been seeing their logo around town lately. I really should more pay attention to things.)

    They’ve announced half their titles, but “Dead Snow” isn’t among them … the rest of the lineup is coming July 29th, so cross your fingers and keep an eye on for details.

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