Midnight is Coming

Heidi will be acknowledgedTIFF announces its Wavelengths and Midnight Madness titles later this morning, so I’m crouched and ready, preparing to take that release and turn it into a news blurt for the NOW website.

I do love the Midnight Madness program; my very first festival experience as a member of the press was the midnight screening of “Hellbound: Hellraiser II” at the Bloor, all the way back in 1988, and I try to catch at least a couple of MM titles every year. As I was telling a friend yesterday, the year I don’t get excited about that series is the year I realize I’m officially old.

I’ll post a link to the piece when it goes up. Until then, just try to stay calm …

UPDATE: Here it is!

2 thoughts on “Midnight is Coming”

  1. WHERE’S THE LINK? WHERE’S THE LINK? So much for my staying calm.

    Yeah, Midnight Madness sounds like a plan this year.

    Daybreakers, Solomon Kane, and Jennifer’s Body seem like fun, and Ong Bak 2 can be promising.

  2. Ah, memories! Here’s a good link for the history. http://www.ultra8.ca/content2/mmhistory.html

    I’ve been TIFFin’ since 1991, and the Midnight Madness has long been my fave program. Either it’s feeding my inner 14 year old or fraking up my skull.

    I tend to catch the daytime shows these days, but I can still remember stumbling out of the Bloor theatre at 2am after seeing Tokyo Decadence and feeling confused and strange and maybe a little freaked out.

    I was about suggest the program has been a little weak as of late, but generally, most years have one great, transgressive gem.

    Some personal highlights –

    2008 – Deadgirl
    2006 – The Host
    2003 – Ju-On: The Grudge, Haute Tension, Undead
    2001 – The Brotherhood of the Wolf (the chairman from Iron Chef America!), Ichi the Killer
    1995 – Screamers (terrible movie, but the director, Christian Duguay showed up in a non ironic flowing pirate shirt)
    1994 – Dellamorte Dellamore
    1993 – Dazed and Confused
    1992 – Candyman

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