With Apologies

Time has no meaning in quarantine, and blogging is apparently the first thing that goes — I meant to post a number of things last week, and they all slipped past me. So here they are, while they’re still fresh.

First off, podcasts! I released two episodes of the NOW What last week: On Tuesday, I talked to Toronto’s chief communications officer Brad Ross about how the city is trying to maintain physical-distancing protocols as the weather gets nicer, and on Friday, Richard Trapunski and I sat down (virtually) with The Walrus’ Mihira Lakshman and Erin Sylvester to discuss the torrents of misinformation flooding the media, and what they’re doing to combat each new falsehood.

I also appeared on an episode of The Big Story on Friday, offering a few dozen suggestions for movies and TV shows to watch while you’re self-isolating. You’ll have heard me talk about them before, I expect; if you just want to read the list, I wrote it up, complete with links, for NOW.

Also at NOW, I reviewed Beastie Boys Story and Defending Jacob, both of which premiered on Apple TV+ on Friday and only one of which is worth your time; I also used the season finale of Better Call Saul as an excuse to discuss the long game Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan have been playing over the entire series.

Are you watching Better Call Saul? It’s one of the shows I recommended on that Big Story episode so, y’know, get on that.

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