Well, Look Who’s Here

You know how there are people you think would be perfect for your thing, but you never have a chance in hell of getting them? Well, I got one.

For the first remote episode of Someone Else’s Movie, my (remote) guest is Barry freaking Sonnenfeld — you know, the guy who shot Raising Arizona and When Harry Met Sally … and directed Get Shorty, the original Men in Black trilogy and a whole bunch of other stuff. He’s published a memoir, Barry Sonnenfeld, Call Your Mother, which is a very fun read, and that gave us the opportunity to get together once I figured out how to make it sound decent.

And which movie did he want to talk about? Well, originally Dr. Strangelove, but Dana Gould already got there. Instead, he picked Robert Altman’s The Long Goodbye, which was not something I would necessarily have seen coming but turned out to be the start of a really fun conversation. I could listen to Barry Sonnenfeld talk about lighting and lens choices all day.

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