When Plotlines Collide

In this week’s MSN DVD column, I take a look at The Dark Knight Rises and consider what it says about the larger meaning of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Because that is what I do, look at things and consider them. (I’m in New York considering some hobbits right now.)

Also, TIFF announced Canada’s Top Ten last night, and I have some considerations about that over at the NOW website. Hooray for Goon!

3 thoughts on “When Plotlines Collide”

  1. Can you explain, “it was photographed with large-format IMAX cameras for extra visual bombast.”?

    How does the negative’s size affect how the scene is seen?

    The frame rate and aspect ratio are unchanged. Is it simply a matter of having more detail (resolution)?

    1. Actually, the aspect ratio does change — as with “The Dark Knight”, the frame expands at the top and bottom for the IMAX footage, and reverts to 2.39:1 for the conventional 35mm shots.

      The SD DVD is consistently framed at 2.39:1, but the Blu-ray presents the IMAX footage at 1.78:1. It isn’t quite as striking a change as the 1.44 theatrical frame, but still makes a difference.

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