Damn Persistent Sparkle Vampires

Breaking Dawn, Part 2 continued to hold the top spot at the box office this weekend, grossing $17.4 million to stay just ahead of Skyfall (which earned $17 million) and demonstrate, once again, that young people have too much disposable income and too much  free time. Are there no workhouses? Come on, society, step the hell up.

Also: On Tuesday evening, TIFF will anoint the features and shorts of 2012’s Canada’s Top Ten. If you’re of a mind to place a bet on the outcome, you may wish to consult this piece I wrote for the NOW website the other day.

(Disclaimer: Odds are calculated for the purpose of entertainment, and should not be used as real-world predictions or endorsements. That said, if Sarah Polley’s Stories We Tell doesn’t make the cut, I will personally storm the Lightbox and set things right.)

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