Spinning in Infinity

In this week’s NOW, I talk to Peter Mettler (and Ingrid Veninger) about The End of Time, a conceptual documentary which coincidentally just made Canada’s Top Ten. It’s an intriguing picture, and while I admire Mettler’s commitment to exploring his ultimately incomprehensible subject, I do kinda wish he’d followed through on his original notion and made a movie about clouds.

And then, just for fun, John Semley and I take Mettler’s title literally and do a Top 5 of movies where the world ends. Did we miss anything obvious?

3 thoughts on “Spinning in Infinity”

  1. Since you folded Melancholia into another entry, the only one I’d add is Miracle Mile. In fact, Miracle Mile and Last Night were my end-of-the-world double feature for the whole Y2K scare.

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