What’s Past is Prologue

As you may have heard, the Toronto Film Critics Association gave Sarah Polley’s Stories We Tell the Rogers Best Canadian Filn Award last night. I was there, in my capacity as the TFCA’s veep. It was a pretty great night; I’m a big fan of the film, and while I have reservations about any critical body throwing around a $100,000 cash purse, I’m certainly fine with the movie I named the year’s best picture winning it.

Another distinct cinematic talent can be seen reaching into his own history this week, as Tim Burton’s stop-motion remake of his live-action short Frankenweenie — a runner-up for the TFCA’s Best Animated Feature award — comes to disc. I write about it at length in this week’s MSN DVD column. Do check it out; it’s surprisingly great, particularly considering how not-great most of Burton’s films have been lately. And the Blu-ray is gorgeous.

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