Well, This is Just Stupid

The robot is not amusedYou heard about “Futurama” being returned to production after the success of those straight-to-video movies, right? Well, bad news, everyone — it looks like 20th Century Fox is bringing the show back without the original voice cast.

Apparently the new episodes are being produced at a reduced rate, and Fox doesn’t want to pay the actors what the actors want to be paid … so it’s recasting all the roles with new talent.

I refuse to accept this. There is only one Bender Bending Rodriguez, and his voice is supplied by John DiMaggio. Any replacement can bite his shiny metal ass.

… okay, there are hundreds of Bender units out there, but you know what I mean.

One thought on “Well, This is Just Stupid”

  1. …oh, I don’t know. Mickey Rourke as Bender might take it in directions unimagined. But _only_ Mickey Rourke. Otherwise, the shine can have teethprints as far as I’m concerned.

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