Well, That’s Not Much of Anything

No, please, reduce me to my component partsDreamWorks Animation’s delightful “How to Train Your Dragon” surged back to the top of the charts this past weekend … though “surged” probably isn’t the best term, since its $15 million gross marked a pretty weak take.

Still, that was a better showing than the new arrivals. Neither “The Back-Up Plan” nor “The Losers” did particularly well, bringing in $12.3 and $9.6 million, respectively, and “Kick-Ass” dropped down to fifth place with a feeble $9.5 million.

In fact, the most entertaining thing about the weekend’s box office is this marvelous little moment in the wire piece:

While “The Back-up Plan” opened weakly, CBS Films was hoping it would hold up well in subsequent weekends, as romantic comedies often do.

“Jennifer Lopez’s films have great legs, as does she,” said Steven Friedlander, head of distribution for CBS Films.

You stay classy, Mr. Friedlander.