There’s Always Something in the Tank

This is not a special effectI know, I know — I usually link to my latest MSN Movies gallery on Saturdays. (God, I’m predictable.) But I posted the gallery earlier this week, which would theoretically leave me linkless …

… except that this week was also NOW’s Hot Docs preview issue, so I can point you to my list of early festival picks and the sidebar on documentaries about families I wrote to accompany Susan’s cover story on “Life with Murder”.

I totally planned this out in advance. Doesn’t that just blow your mind?

3 thoughts on “There’s Always Something in the Tank”

  1. Oh well, only 1 of the 4 Hot Docs movies I got tickets for made your list (“12th & Delaware”). I thought about “The People vs. George Lucas”, but figured it was probably one of the most likely to get a DVD release later on. Fingers crossed for that and “Life With Murder” being available in the future.

    You mentioned “Must Read After My Death” in your list of documentaries about families…I’ve never been able to find it. Even doesn’t have it, and they’re pretty good for documentaries compared to the average video store. Anyone know where it’s available?

  2. @ Chris — “Life with Murder” has been picked up for TV, at least, but I think we can count on a modest theatrical run. And “The People vs. George Lucas” will absolutely be coming to disc unless some mysterious businessman buys the rights and shoves it into limbo.

    I fear that’s what’s happened with “The Shark is Still Working”, the “Jaws” doc that’s been MIA for a couple of years now; I asked Richard D. Zanuck whether he’d heard anything about it at the “Clash of the Titans” junket, and I’m not even sure he knew what I was talking about.


  3. … and in answer to your question about “Must Read After My Death”, it doesn’t have a DVD distributor, but you can order it directly from the filmmaker at this link:

    He also provides this link to a digitally streamed version for $2.99:

    I _think_ it’ll work for Canadians; pretty sure the Amazon Digital and iTunes options won’t, though.

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