Quiet Time

And they said we couldn't pull another six episodes out of our buttsMaybe it’s just the fact that I spent the last few days working in a white heat and now find myself ahead of my deadlines, but it seems like nothing’s going on in the world. And since my MSN DVD column has yet to go live, I have nothing to blog about. Like, squat.

I mean, the “Piranha 3D” trailer is out, but that’s not exactly newsworthy. And season 3.5 of “Chuck” started last night, but I haven’t seen the episode yet, so I can’t even allow myself to read the piece I just linked to for fear of spoilers.

Oh, but this is interesting: A newspaper critic has voluntarily departed his print position to go online. That may be an industry first. But it’s the New Jersey Star-Ledger’s Alan Seppinwall, who’s spent a very long time crafting his online presence, so it almost makes sense.

(This blog, by the way, is my online presence. I won’t be transitioning any time soon, I suspect.)