Way Down in the Hole

Well, it finally happened: I had to record an episode of Someone Else’s Movie over the phone.

It wasn’t anybody’s fault. Zoom was having an off-day, so Keir Gilchrist now sounds like he’s calling into a radio station from the year 1995. But weirdly enough, it kind of works for the episode, since we’re talking about a movie that reaches seriously into the past: Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Werner Herzog’s 3D exploration of the Chauvet Cave in France, and the ancient paintings  discovered within. 

Herzog being Herzog, the movie finds rapture in archaeology while also noticing the weird stuff in the corners … which gives us plenty to talk about.

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Oh, and there are two new episode of the NOW What podcast ready to jam into your ear-holes right now! My Hot Docs interview with Lulu Wei, director of There’s No Place Like This Place, Anyplace dropped on Sunday, and today’s episode finds Enzo DiMatteo interviewing placemaker Jay Pitter about public spaces and who gets to use them in a time of self-isolation.

What’s a placemaker, you ask? Listen and find out!

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