Every now and then I start a conversation with strangers and end up making new friends.

That’s the way it went with this week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie, where I ended up bonding with the absolutely lovely Nancy Kelly and Kenji Yamamoto over Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne’s L’Enfant.

In addition to being very talented filmmakers — which people can finally see for themselves, now that their 1991 drama Thousand Pieces of Gold has been restored and reissued after decades in obscurity — they’re also just delightful people, and their insights into the Dardennes’ masterwork will make you feel optimistic about humanity. And honestly, we really need that right now.

Check it out! Subscribe on Apple PodcastsGoogle Play and Stitcher and get the episode immediately, or download it directly from the web. And then watch Thousand Pieces of Gold. It’s very good.

… and yes, I know I’ve fallen way behind on the updates. So here’s what I’ve achieved in the last week:

Christ, I’m tired.

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