I really didn’t feel like expending any more energy on the flabby mediocrity of Tom Hanks’ “Larry Crowne“, so my latest MSN DVD column is devoted to a trio of older films receiving some new life on disc this week.

There’s “The Rules of the Game”, its youth restored in a new Criterion Blu-ray edition; “Face Off”, a supremely cheesy Canadian love story that has endured because there’s hockey in it, and Giorgio Moroder’s popped-out version of “Metropolis”, because, well, some things need to be stared at for a very long time before you can understand them.

Also in things I don’t understand, NBC’s mid-season lineup doesn’t have any room for “Community”. What the hell, NBC. What the hell.

One thought on “Vintage.”

  1. You know, I fully realize that this is heresy, but I’ve seen the Three Colors Trilogy twice through, and I honestly feel that Blue and especially Red are flat-out terrible movies. White is the only of the three that I can tolerate, and I would only rate that one as mediocre. I’ve never understood the acclaim for these films. The use of color-coded symbolism is so heavy-handed and so sophomoric. I just don’t get what people see in these, other than Kie?lowski’s fetish for pretty French girls gazing longingly into the camera.

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