Scott Tobias vs. the World

Ah, The A.V. Club. What would I do without you? More specifically, what would I do without you on Wednesdays, when there’s nothing else to talk about?

Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about that. Because The A.V. Club does exist, and it posts great pieces like this one, in which Tasha Robinson takes her colleague Scott Tobias to task for not properly appreciating “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”. It’s part of a new series — petulantly but elegantly titled WHY DON’T YOU LIKE THIS? — in which tasks are taken to over obvious blind spots in pop culture. (And if they ever do a series about depraved indifference to grammar, they can start with the preceding sentence.)

Y’all know how I feel about “Scott Pilgrim”, right? Beyond the whole Edgar Wright-is-a-genius thing, and my epic struggle to get people to watch the movie and realize how much damn fun it is. I’m happy to announce that I’ll be tilting at that particular windmill again this Sunday night; as a thank-you for being voted Best Rep Cinema in NOW’s recent Best of Toronto issue, the Toronto Underground Cinema is presenting a free screening of the movie, and they’ve asked me to introduce it.

If you find yourself in the vicinity of Queen and Spadina after dinner on Sunday, why not come down and check out the show? The fun starts at 9:30pm. There may even be special guests.

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