Unhappy Families

Atom says we're sexy, sexy ladiesWhy, look! It’s Friday and there are many, many movies opening! Shall we dive right in?

“Chloe”: Atom Egoyan finally abandons his pretenses and makes a full-on erotothriller — which plays like a fascinating glimpse into an alternate reality where he never followed “Exotica” with “The Sweet Hereafter”, and instead forged a career making glossy B-movies that nobody cared about. Jason and Susan are a little more delicate about it, but we all know the deal.

“City Island”: Raymond de Felitta’s dramedy casts Andy Garcia as a prison guard taking acting classes on the sly — leading his wife (Julianna Margulies) to think he’s having an affair and triggering all manner of wacky consequences. Susan liked it .

The Coca-Cola Case“: German Gutierrez and Carmen Garcia attempt to link the world’s largest soft-drink conglomerate to union-busting and murder in this agit-prop documentary … but fall well short of their goal, settling for indignant finger-pointing over the low wages paid to Coke’s South American workers.

Greenberg“: Noah Baumbach brings his magical misery tour to Los Angeles for this sharp drama about a fortysomething New Yorker (Ben Stiller, excellent) determined not to engage with the world, and the younger woman (Greta Gerwig, also very good) who complicates things.

“Hot Tub Time Machine”: The title says it all, right? Andrew enjoyed it.

How to Train Your Dragon“: DreamWorks Animation makes good on the promise of “Kung Fu Panda” in this exhilarating — and surprisingly moving — tale of a young Viking who befriends a fire-breathing scamp. Not a single pop-culture reference to be had, which must have seemed risky, but it works wonderfully. And it’s great in 3D. My review should be up shortly. UPDATE: Linked!

Mother“: Bong Joon-ho follows “The Host” with another tale of familial devotion; this one’s about a single mother (Kim Hye-ja) who will do just about anything to clear her son (Won Bin) of a murder charge. Part social study, part murder mystery, and entirely compelling.

Neil Young Trunk Show“: Mr. Shakey’s 2008 tour is captured by Jonathan Demme and six handheld cameras. It’s not as accessible as “Heart of Gold” was, but that 21-minute performance of “No Hidden Path” will send Young’s die-hard fans over the moon.

So there’s something for everyone, really …