They Can’t Be Serious

The dwarf is in the shot, right?My latest MSN Movies gallery is a bit of a stretch, using the existence of a movie called “Hot Tub Time Machine” to explore fictional film projects that sound equally preposterous.

Remember the Parker-Stone pitch in “Timecode”? Stuff like that.

(You know, it’s okay to just goof around sometimes.)

3 thoughts on “They Can’t Be Serious”

  1. Three words: Springtime for Hitler!

    Would also mention ‘The 3’ from Adaptation, but that was already released as ‘Identity’.

  2. I’d toss in the title of whatever Peter O’Toole was shooting in ‘The Stunt Man.’ We know the stunts would have been pretty spectacular. And my twelve year old self would want ‘History of the World: Part II,’ but that experience doesn’t seem as essential twenty nine years later.

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