Things That Matter, and Things That Don’t

We never talk anymoreJames Cameron’s “Avatar” pulled in another $48.5 million over the weekend, bringing its domestic take to $429 million and its global gross to more than $1.3 billion — all in less than a month. So it’s not only the second-biggest hit in movie history, but it’s made that boggling amount of money even faster than the current chart-topper did. I suspect James Cameron will be having his critics lined up and shot by March.

Also, and of considerably more importance, Dan Jardine has posted a lovely and occasionally painful essay about Richard Linklater’s “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset” on The House Next Door — and in so doing, he reminds me that I left “Before Sunset” off my list of the next-best films of the last decade.

There was a rationale for that, originally; I’d omitted it because its impact is so dependent on the viewer having seen the previous film. But then I realize I should have disqualified “Saraband” for the same reason, and didn’t think twice about including that film.

But now, I think leaving “Before Sunset” off — and coming to regret it — is somehow appropriate. Going back back to correct a past mistake would demonstrate I didn’t understand the movie in the slightest, wouldn’t it?

Let’s give it nine years, and see what happens.