Passings and Echoes

Comment vous dites, 'Gidget Goes Cartesian'?News broke yesterday that Eric Rohmer had died. I’ve written a short appreciation for the NOW website, but honestly? John would have knocked something out in half the time with twice the impact — even if he didn’t like “My Night at Maud’s” as much as I do.

I miss John. There are days when I feel like I’m owning this gig, but there are other days when I realize just how unqualified I am to be stepping into those shoes. Yesterday was one of those other days.

Yeah, I know. It’s winter and everyone’s a little depressed. C’est la vie, right?

Sure, if you’re living.

3 thoughts on “Passings and Echoes”

  1. I saw ‘L’ami de mon amie’ at TIFF in ’87. I remember that the female lead was lovely but felt that she was unattractive and was hard on herself. My date at the time was lovely but felt unattractive and was hard on herself. Rohmer’s story ended well, I’m not so sure about mine in that particular instance. But the film dated far better than the associated memories. C’est la vie…?

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