A Quiet Moment

Or are they ... winners?I’m as shocked as you are, but there are no film festivals kicking off this weekend — allowing a much-needed breather as we ramp up for Hot Docs. And there aren’t even that many movies opening. It’s bliss.

“The Back-Up Plan”: Jennifer Lopez’ new romantic comedy casts her as a despairing singleton who goes in for in vitro fertilization on the very same day she meets a potential mate. According to Glenn, wackiness decidedly does not ensue.

GravyTrain“: April Mullen and Tim Doiron, makers of “Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Way of the Tosser” return with a stylized comic mystery about murders in a small town that feels like the worst game of “yes, and” ever played. My review should be online later today, but in a word? Unreleasable.

The Losers“: When I met him on the “Watchmen” junket, Jeffrey Dean Morgan described this action thriller as exactly the sort of change of pace he needed after the heaviness of playing the Comedian. Having seen it, I totally take his point. My review should be online later today.

“The Secret in Their Eyes”: The Argentine thriller that beat out “A Prophet” and “The White Ribbon” for this year’s Foreign-Language Oscar finally makes its way to Canada. Susan liked it; Jason had reservations.

See? I said it was a light week …