The Woman from Westeros

This week’s MSN DVD column isn’t up yet — my own fault, really, since everything ran late yesterday — but here’s something else from the site to tide you over. It’s my interview with Rose Leslie, another member of theĀ Game of Thrones cast doing publicity rounds in advance of the third season starting at the end of the month.

Leslie was in Toronto to launch Game of Thrones: The Exhibition, which is a huge deal if you’re a fan of the show and an interesting costume exhibit if you’re not. It’s only in town until Sunday, and it’s booked solid, though they did mention that rush admissions might be possible depending on capacity.

I dunno, if you really must see Joffrey’s crown in person, I guess that’s a reason to go. But Leslie was very nice.

One thought on “The Woman from Westeros”

  1. I dunno, Jon Snow may know “nothing,” but after a first book where, to my recollection, no woman achieved *ahem* satisfaction and a second book where one woman “shuddered” (thanks to Tyrion, of course), Jon Snow coming up with the “Lord’s Kiss” in book three proves he knows at least one thing!

    BTW, never team Lannister, but always team Tyrion!

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