The Lollipop Guild Will Be Pleased

Last week, Bryan Singer’s charming fantasy romp Jack the Giant Slayer more or less tanked, grossing just $28 million in its opening weekend.

But this week, Sam Raimi’s elephantine, joyless Oz the Great and Powerful pulls in a record $80.3 million, setting it on course to be the next Alice in Wonderland … which is exactly what Disney wanted when they made it in the first place.

Meanwhile, Jack drops down to second place with $10 million. At least the roundly panned (well, almost roundly panned) Dead Man Down did even worse on its opening weekend, grossing just $5.3 million to place fourth behind the $6. 3 million gross of the unkillable Identity Thief.

Seriously, though. It’s getting harder to laugh this stuff off. Warm Bodies is the only 2013 release I’ve really enjoyed, and though it opened at number one, five weeks later it’s like it didn’t even exist. Shouldn’t we be getting some smarter films, now that winter’s finally ending? Or is there no point in asking that question?

One thought on “The Lollipop Guild Will Be Pleased”

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