The Things I Do

I’ve been down with the post-TIFF cold for the last few days, but I worked through itĀ because I am a big strong man and now I can share the fruits of that fevered labor with you!

Monday morning, I dragged my wheezy ass to the Lightbox to cover the first Toronto mayoral debate for NOW, because it was supposedly going to focus on arts. It quickly turned into a standard talking-points smackdown, but I wrote about it anyway.

And yesterday, I managed to type out a new edition of Superhero Nonsense! from my fainting couch, looking at the director swap on the new Bond movie and the supplements on Disney’sĀ Solo Blu-ray … which cover up another director swap, just for funsies.

So go read them, maybe? I don’t know, I’m not the boss of you.

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