The Mad Prophet of the Airwaves

This week’s  episode of Someone Else’s Movie was recorded six months ago in London, as I was struggling with the cold  that finally blew out my voice a few days later. Ironically enough, I found myself coming down with another cold as I was cutting it this weekend; thanks, TIFF!

Anyway. I survived, I sliced out most of my coughing, and now you get to hear Ross Sutherland — whose excellent Stand By for Tape Back-Up got its own SEMcast last year thanks to thanks to Lewis Bennett –talk about the prescient nightmare that is Sidney Lumet’s Network. Which you should absolutely do, like, right now.

And how will you do this? By subscribing to the show on Apple PodcastsGoogle Play,  Stitcher, listening on Spotify or just downloading the episode from the web. So do that. Be mad as hell. It won’t change anything, but at least you’ll know own the anger.

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