The McLovin Commences Friday

Two kinds of awkward, one kind of funnySony Pictures is so high on this Friday’s “Superbad” — and rightly so — that they were holding press screenings a month ago.

This is a big deal; Sony rarely offers such an early look at a film, and is in fact one of the studios most likely to pass on screening a film at all if they think it might be a dog.

I’ve seen it twice now. It is, as the kids say, the shit.

To give you a sense of what kind of vulgar, insane delights await you — and also because I have three movies to see today, with lots of frantic writing in-between — here is a link to The Onion AV Club’s interview with the movie’s stars, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

Please to enjoy.