Really? Another “Scorpion King”?

I am The Rock, I am an i-i-islandThis is news to me, but apparently Universal is about to start shooting a new chapter in the “Scorpion King” saga.

This one, directed by Russell Mulcahy (!), is set to follow the Conan-lite character previously played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on a look at the character’s even younger, more carefree days — you know, before the events of the previous movie and his eventual transformation into an unconvincing CGI crab monster for the climax of “The Mummy Returns”.

Mr. The Rock has declined to return for this project — he clearly has other priorities — so they’re looking for an unknown to take on the role.

Sounds like it has “direct to DVD” all over it, doesn’t it? And it’s a prequel to a prequel, which I believe is a first … unless one of the “Amityville Horror” spinoffs qualifies. Damn things have all blurred together in my mind.

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