The Man with the Plan

Photo borrowed from www.reverseshot.comThe last time I talked to Olivier Assayas, he’d brought his lovely generational drama “Summer Hours” to TIFF 2008. Two years later, he’s back with “Carlos”, a gargantuan biographical study of the terrorist superstar known as Carlos the Jackal.

We spoke about it at length for this week’s NOW, but that interview had to be condensed radically for space, so make sure you listen to the extensive audio clips that accompany the piece.

The five-and-a-half-hour version integrale of “Carlos” begins its exclusive Toronto engagement today at the Lightbox. Tickets are a whopping $25 per seating, making it an investment on two different levels. And as much as I admire Assayas, you might want to check out my review first before you commit yourself.