I Like the Quiet

... I'm going to Canada's Wonderland! I have a coupon!Finally — finally! — we get a break in the deluge of openings. This weekend sees just four films opening in Toronto: “Carlos“, which began its Lightbox run yesterday, and the three that follow:

“Paranormal Activity 2”: Edgar Wright just described it as a security-camera version of “Poltergeist”, which is endorsement enough for me. I’m seeing it this afternoon, and will link to my review as soon as it goes up.

“Score: A Hockey Musical”: Michael McGowan, who gave Canadians a tour of our national landmarks in “One Week”, goes even bigger with the pandering, turning our national sport into a full-on musical. Word out of TIFF was not enthusiastic, though Susan liked it; I’m sure I’ll see it eventually.

“Tibet in Song”: Susan has been a booster of Ngawang Choephel’s look at Tibet’s cultural resistance to Chinese occupation — expressed here through musical means — for nearly a year now, and with good reason; it’s an excellent documentary that deftly articulates the relationship between politics and creativity. If either of those elements interests you, this is worth your time.

Oh, and also “Jules and Jim” is playing a limited run at the Lightbox this week, and being that it’s one of the best movies in the history of ever, you should probably go see that before you see anything else. Just a thought, of course.