The Long Weekend

628x471This Simcoe Day weekend has given us the full beauty of August — that perfect marriage of hot sun and cooling breeze paralleling the megaplex release slate subtly shifting from gargantuan blockbuster wannabes to more textured genre experiments, the lull before TIFF starts up in earnest and obliterates everything in its path. You know the deal. It’s nice; a little more mature, a little less frivolous.

And look! Audiences are responding nicely to 2 Guns, which made $27.4 million over the weekend, putting it well ahead of The Wolverine, which made $21.7 million, and The Smurfs 2, which came up awfully short with $18.2 million. (The first Smurfs movie made $35.6 million in its first three days.)

But never mind all that! The real news of the weekend was the announcement that Peter Capaldi will be the Twelfth Doctor. I was thinking they’d go younger, but this is a fine choice — Capaldi’s a proper geek, after all, and he’ll be great for the show. Here’s hoping they let him squeeze in a Malcolm Tucker moment or two.

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