Hombres Armados

denzel-washington-mark-wahlberg-2-gunsThe end of the week means a flood of new releases, so you’ll have plenty of watch if the long weekend turns out to be as rainy as everyone expects it to be. Hooray for distractions!

The Attack: Ziad Douieri’s thriller about a doctor (Ali Suliman) trying to understand why (and how) his apolitical wife turned suicide bomber has been collecting praise on the festival circuit. John appreciates the acting more than the metaphor.

Berberian Sound Studio: Toby Jones learns that making Italian cinema is not a job for the faint of heart in Peter Strickland’s fond tribute to giallo, which gets a little too caught up in itself to really pay off.

Blue Jasmine: After a string of disappointments and outright crap-fests, can Woody Allen’s latest movie possibly be as good as everyone (including Susan) says? I don’t know — I couldn’t make either of the preview screenings — but I guess I’ll find out. And I do love Cate Blanchett, after all.

The Canyons: Paul Schrader’s latest is pretty awful, though it’s more to do with Bret Easton Ellis’ pitiful script than with Lindsay Lohan’s listless performance. Either way, you needn’t bother.

A People Uncounted: Aaron Yeger’s documentary on the Nazis’ persecution of the Roma — largely unremembered in popular culture — meets with Rad‘s approval.

Terms and Conditions May Apply: They’ll make documentaries about anything these days — up to and including those omnipresent end-user license agreements. Glenn says it’s decent enough.

2 Guns: As he did with Contraband, Baltasar Kormakur delivers a straight-up, uncomplicated genre piece; unlike that one, this is also a whole lot of fun, with Wahlberg and Washington doing the 48 HRS. thing very nicely.

Also, Smurfs 2 opened on Wednesday. We sent Rad, the poor bastard.

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