This Guy, Am I Right?

malcolm-tuckerThis week’s MSN DVD column dives right into The Thick of It — see what I did there? — in the hopes of introducing my readers to Armando Iannucci’s masterful political satire, and also to Malcolm Tucker, the role Peter Capaldi was born to play.

If you’ve never seen the show, stop what you’re doing and buy it right now. I’m not kidding. Do that. Open a tab and go to Amazon or walk to your retailer of choice or whatever. But buy it. It’s fantastic.

Elsewhere on the MSN Movies site, I talk to Juno Temple about her performance in the harrowing psychological thriller Magic Magic, which also comes to disc this week and is also worth a look. But only after you watch The Thick of It.

Seriously, it’s just that good.

4 thoughts on “This Guy, Am I Right?”

  1. Norm, just so I understand, this is magnificent, right? 🙂

    BTW, it appears that Shout Factory has delayed the Bruce Lee Legacy Collection to September to correct a disc mislabeling issue. Reports are that the video masters Fortune Star provided to Shout are merely upconverted from standard definition (which makes all the DVDs in the box set extra redundant), though the studio denies it.

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