The Last Hurrah

Wait, wait, I can't remember the title ...The media may have used the “King of Pop” term ironically, but people believed it; “This is It”, the Michael Jackson rehearsal documentary, ruled the box-office this weekend, pulling in $32.5 million domestically between Wednesday and Sunday. Not bad for a limited-run concert movie slapped together from reference footage. (Expect Madonna to say she did it first with “Truth or Dare” any day now.)

But what of the horror movies, you ask, this being Halloween and all? Well, “Paranormal Activity” keeps luring them in, grossing $16.5 million to take the #2 spot. (Its cumulative take is $84.8 million, which may not be “Blair Witch” booty but puts it on the same phenomenal playing field.)

And “Saw VI” continues to bleed out; it made just $5.6 million over the scariest weeked of all, for a total of $22.8 million to date — a figure that’s less any of the other sequels made in their first three days of release. But before you start dancing on Jigsaw’s grave, remember: These movies don’t cost much, and the DVD sales will be strong. It’ll take a couple of flops to kill the franchise for good … but let’s see what we can do, folks!