It’s Halloween, After All

I will haunt you in your dreams!In case you missed it on the NOW film section’s Twitter feed — god help me, they’ve got me twatting — I popped up on CTV News Channel yesterday afternoon, chatting up scary movies from a dungeon somewhere in the bowels of the old CHUM-City building.

Here’s the clip. If I look a little uncertain just after each clip plays, that’s because I didn’t have a monitor and couldn’t quite tell when I was on the air.

And yes, I’ve been using the hepatitis line about the “Saw” movies for three or four years now. Can you blame me?

3 thoughts on “It’s Halloween, After All”

  1. Good points on all three films, and thanks for making me want to go back to The Thing, it’s been a while since I popped it out of the movie shelf. Great pick.

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