Change at “Fight Club”, it’s a Shorter Walk to the Comedy Line

I'd avoid the 'La Vita e Bella' station if I was youIf you’ve spent any time on Boingboing, you’ve probably seen at least one remixed version of the London tube map — you know, the mash-ups that replace the names of stations with other thematically connected things. The musical connections version was a particular favorite around here.

Well, there’s a new iteration of this particular meme: A French blogger known only as David has built a tube map for cinema, organizing the IMDb’s 250 Best Movies (as of June 19, 2009) along sixteen rail lines.

It’s not perfect — “WALL*E” is only accessible on the Animation line, not on the Sci-Fi line, and the Drama(s) About Tolerance route feels like an attempt to sort a bunch of titles that couldn’t be fit in anywhere else. But it’s still pretty amazing … and lists like these are intended to spark debate, after all.

Go on, go play. Click the image above to see a larger version, or download the PDF here.