The King of Small Media

I turn my back on the AcademyA quick roundup of yesterday’s media blitz: The CP24 and Here & Now appearances don’t seem to be online anywhere, but I have links for the NOW podcast (right-click and save to desktop), my CTV News Channel hit and the Global National piece — which uses maybe five seconds of a fifteen-minute interview, at the very end.

Maybe they’re banking the rest of it for future stories? I did give them a lot of material.

Anyway, the Oscar thing seems to be settling down now, as the media’s attention turns to other, shinier things. Like the season premiere of “Lost” — which was freakin’ awesome, wasn’t it? I’ll bet you Rose, Bernard and Vincent were blown back to the current situation, as well. Yay!

4 thoughts on “The King of Small Media”

  1. What the frak did Terry O’Quinn do with his eyes when Locke/Smokey said he wanted to go home???? I’ve never been happier for a commercial break, because my lizard brain was screaming “RUN!!!!!!!”

  2. If I may threadjack just one more time, I contacted Cineplex regarding the “Digital Film Fest” to see just what they meant by HD and I received this reply:

    “HD or high definition is what a satellite broadcasts or a Bluray presentation (high res 1080i or 1080p).

    2K resolution is 2000 pixel resolution mastered by film post or pre production for cinema 2K broadcast.”

    So I assume they will indeed be projecting blu-rays for most of these titles, although the whole Amadeus director’s cut thing is still a little puzzling.

  3. I just checked out Lost after not watching it at all since season three ended and don’t see what was awesome about it. The stuff on the island seems silly and while the bit about the flight landing safely in L.A. is good, it’s clear that everyone will end up back where they started, when the plane crashed. You know, you can’t really change history etc. I am afraid, Star Trek, excepted, I gave up on JJ Abrams a long time ago.

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