Bordering on Overexposure

I'm not feeling any actor love here Today was supposed to be relatively calm. A quick CTV News Channel hit, a podcasting session at the paper, and then some other non-Oscar related things.

Ha. I say again: Ha. By 1 pm, I’d racked up appearances on CTV News Channel, CP24 and Global National — though that Global National piece won’t air until about 5:30 this afternoon, so you may still have time to catch it. (I’ll update with web links if they become available.)

Somewhere in there, I also managed to bang out this analysis for the NOW site, running down my various disappointments and surprises. I think it reads coherently — which is nice, because I’m long past the point of coherence myself.

Oh, and when the Global National piece is done? Flip over to CBC Radio One (99.1 FM in the Toronto area) and catch me around 5:45ish on “Here & Now”. Also discussing the Oscars. Because that, apparently, is all I do now.

3 thoughts on “Bordering on Overexposure”

  1. “The other big story is the expanded Best Picture competition, which allows the Academy to appear more inclusive. Thus, Pixar’s Up gets the second Best Picture nomination ever for an animated feature – and the very first for a CG production – but it’ll forever be tarred with the asterisk of ‘yeah, but there were ten slots instead of five, so of course it got in there.'”

    But why shouldn’t be tarred? The fact is, “Wall-E” received more nominations without a Best Picture nom than “Up” did with a Best Picture nom. It’s really not so impressive when we look at from that perspective.

  2. Idle hands are the Devil’s…blah blah blah…

    I heard the Here and Now piece – good stuff. Is this the first you’ve done for the Corpse?

  3. @ Mark — I’ve done a few CBC hits here and there, though this is my first radio appearance in a while … since the “Karla” controversy, I think. They’re good people.

    @ atyl — I think that’s the point, really. If there had been ten slots last year, “WALL*E” would have taken one. My concern now is that “Up” loses out in _both_ categories, which just seems terribly unfair.

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