Damn it! I dropped my keysThe new issue of NOW features my interview with Adam Green, whose new film “Frozen” marks a major step forward for the director of “Hatchet” and “Spiral”. He’s a talented guy with an admirable work ethic; fans of survival horror are going to want to see his movie.

There’s also supposed to be an online Q&A with Xavier Dolan, the young writer-director-star of “I Killed My Mother”, but that hasn’t gone up yet. I’ll link to it when it does. There it is!

One thought on “Chiller”

  1. Norm (or anyone else)…if you like to take movie trivia quizzes on sporcle, there is a quiz on there now about Canadian movies. Okay, I’ll admit it…I put a quiz on there about Canadian movies. It’s not exhaustive by any means, just 25 questions. If anyone’s interested, go to sporcle and search for “Canuck Movies”. Show the world that people have actually heard of some of these…besides Cube, which is the most answered so far by the few who have taken it.

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