The Dark Time

You know, this basketball has more integrity than either of usThe Easter weekend is upon us, which means families will gather for church services, egg hunts, candy sacrifices and so on. Lotta time to fill, lotta sugar to metabolize.

Which explains why the megaplexes are filling up with family comedies. “Meet the Robinsons” opened Friday, and today we get “Are We Done Yet?” and “Firehouse Dog” … both of which, when you think about it, could not bear more appropriate titles.

Someone needs to tell Bruce Greenwood that he needs to stop making animal movies, by the way. It’s downright bizarre to see him — and his “Thirteen Days” co-star Steven Culp — in a wacky dog movie. They played the Kennedys, and played them well, and now they’re being upstaged by Irish terriers named after characters from “The Lord of the Rings”.

The one good thing about having endured these movies this week? Metro just launched its Edmonton edition, which means my reviews are running in an additional market. Feel free to praise the risen Christ; I’ll be genuflecting in the direction of syndication fees.

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