I Was Kidding

The poster that launched a thousand fantasiesTwo weeks ago, I wrote a Sympatico/MSN movie column about the Eighties resurgence as embodied by “TMNT.

And because I’m kind of a flippant bastard, I threw out a whole mess of ideas for remakes of as-yet-unexploited properties, like “Adventures in Babysitting”.

Well, you’ll never guess what.

Turns out Disney is indeed developing “Further Adventures in Babysitting“, to star Raven Symone (didn’t there used to be a hyphen in there?) and someone named Miley Cyrus. Title notwithstanding, this is a remake rather than a sequel — I guess Disney doesn’t want to confuse people when the new movie comes out on DVD.

One has to question the necessity of this project. The original film’s charms are very specifically rooted in its era, and Shue’s performance is so singular in its weird comic energy that I fear for anyone who tries to duplicate it. On the other hand, the script is pretty lame, so a reworking couldn’t exactly hurt.

Still … do kids today even know who Thor is? They’ll probably change it to Yu-Gi-Oh, and good luck getting that to pay off.

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