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I am a delicate flower ... of EVILMetro doesn’t publish on Good Friday or Easter Monday, so you lucky people get to read tomorrow’s reviews … today! Or at least some of them.

These are the reviews that went up on the site, anyway:

Grindhouse“: I’ll get into more detail on this tomorrow, but the skinny is this: Robert Rodriguez nails his half of the picture, sublimating his showier impulses (mostly) to better serve the overall concept … and Quentin Tarantino decidedly does not. Dammit.

La Tourneuse de Pages“: Opening for an exclusive run at the Royal, Denis Dercourt’s very French tale of revenge is a distressingly serene study of psychological violence … and, quite possibly, the missing link between Chabrol and Haneke. (See? I’m cosmopolitan and stuff.)

Young Triffie“: Mary Walsh is a very talented comedian, which makes this absolute atrocity of a directorial debut — revolving around a wacky murder investigation in pre-Confederation Newfoundland — even harder to explain. If this wins a single Genie next winter, we should just dismantle the system.

For reviews of “First Snow”, “The Hoax” and “The Marsh”, check out today’s Metro Toronto — here’s the link to the larger-than-usual PDF. I’ll post links when they become available.

169 thoughts on “Getting Started”

  1. Sorry to hear that Death Proof doesn’t to live up at all. Especially since Tarantino educated Rodriguez in the art of the “Grindhouse”.

    I still hope audiences love Grindhous even if great moments in Death Proof are separated in 40 minute ruts. One because its the movie I need to help me out over at and to support the idea of what these directors are trying to accomplish.

    p.s. Norman this is my first time to the site but I’ve been a fan of your reviews for a long time! Keep up the excellent job. (Any chance older movie reviews will be posted?)

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