The Dance Never Ends

There’s always one day during the festival that simply won’t stop — where, for whatever reason, I end up working until three or four in the morning. Yesterday was that day for 2011 … and let’s just say it had better be the only day for 2011.

(In fairness, I probably brought some of this on myself by diving into the #FakeTIFF11Films meme on Twitter, but there’s an upside — Patton Oswalt retweeted a bunch of my contributions, and now I’ve got like 50 new followers.)

Anyhow, festival update: Things are ridiculously busy, and by the time you read this I’ll already be on my way to another interview; seriously, my day is jammed. But if I pass Ryan Gosling in the hall again, I’ll be sure to say hi for you. (He’s really very accommodating.)

Oh, and “Contagion” topped the weekend box office with a decent $23.1 million haul, which is good news, because that means it’ll still be playing when this festival ends and I have the time to go and see it.

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