The Big Day

Hey, if she can look good at 5:30 in the morning, hosting should be a breezeWell, the Oscar nominations have been announced — dammit, Academy, what happened to Armie Hammer? — and I’m in that weird place where I have to be ready to do a media hit at the drop of a hat. I’ll be appearing on CTV News Channel sometime around 10am, and will likely schedule a few more hits before the day is out.

Last year, I showed up on CTV News Channel and Global National, spent the better part of the lunch hour on CP24 with Stephen LeDrew and closed out the day on CBC radio. It was exhausting.

If you’re the kind of pop-culture obsessive who needs to see all of my appearances (or a relative, which is far more likely on this blog), the best way to keep abreast of my movements is to follow my Twitter feed, which I’ll update compulsively as the day goes on. Come to think of it, why aren’t you following that already? It’s awesome!

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